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Stanford Stevens ’49 still lives at home with his wife, Joyce. They have lived there for 63 years. Stanford and Joyce have 12 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren. Stanford is still leasing farmland and doing business.

George Fox ’51 reports that there is not much excitement at age 92. George is enjoying good health, and just celebrated his 67th anniversary with his wife, Helen. They are living in Florida.

Bob Romek ’59 meets weekly with Howard Hansen ’60 during the summer in Arizona. In the winter, Bob coordinates a monthly Montana lunch of 12-30 attendees, four of which are SAEs. Go Grizzlies! Email:

Ken Cooper ’62 gathers for lunch with a small group of Montanans two to three times a year in Denver. Included in the distinguished group are brothers Doug Hacker, Warren Buettner ’61, and Jerry Colness ’62. They’ve also had out-of-state guests on occasion, including brothers Bob Romek ’59 and Lyle Glascock ’62. “If you are planning a visit to Denver, we might be able to work in one of those lunches. Just let me know.” Email:

Gary Fish ’62 has been retired from teaching in Japan for 23 years now. Gary is living in his hometown of Livingston, Mont., and is active in the local theater scene. Email:

John Olson ’62 retired in 2017 after spending 52 years with Pepsi Cola in Sidney, Mont. John’s career also included two years of teaching and one year with Pepsi Cola, Inc. His children, Karen and Randall, are now running the business. Email:

Robert Bragg ’68 is retired and is loving it. He is very busy doing nothing all day. Email:

Craig Kopet ’70 has lived in Seattle since 1975. He attended Mayo Clinic PT school and was in private practice physical therapy from 1977 to 2018. Craig is still married to Christine Stacy Kopet, whom he met at an SAE function in 1967. Email:

Dennis LaBonty ’71 reports that SAE will always feel like home because the relationships he made with his brothers in college have continued long after he graduated.

John Grant ’72 has been practicing law with Bob Murdo ’69 since 1977. Their partner, Dave Jackson, was an SAE at Montana State. Email:

Stephen O’Toole ’99 will always cherish the great times he has had at Montana Beta, and appreciates the great work of Dick Ford ’64.


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