SAE advances the highest standards of friendship, scholarship, leadership, and service for members throughout life.

We have a long established history of excellence at The University of Montana spanning nearly 100 years. Our goal is, was and will always be to create the best learning and living environment for members during their college careers. Young men learn and grow from a support system that stresses scholarship, leadership, philanthropy and friendship. The character of our members is defined and guided by The True Gentleman (see below) our National Code of Conduct.

SAE is proud to be the first national fraternity to end pledgeship. Students and the alumni body that governs the House work with the University and our National Fraternity to maintain and advance a culture of respect that enhances academic and non-academic life. SAE does not tolerate traditions and behaviors that dishonor members and others.

SAE members live and enjoy the Greek life. Social and philanthropic activities offer members a chance to meet and connect with others on campus. These experiences add to the overall college life and help members as they graduate into the working world.


The SAE house sits within Greek Row on beautiful and historic University Avenue. This historic mansion finished construction around 1900 and was designed by a very prominent architect who also created the following Missoula landmarks:

Yellow Bay - Flathead Lake Biological Station Building, U of M Missoula County Courthouse – 200 W. Broadway Street
U of M Craig’s Hall – U of M Campus – 1908 U of M Law School – U of M Campus - 1908
U of M Geology Building – U of M Campus 1908 U of M Math and Physics Building – U of M Campus – 1908
U of M Gymnasium – U of M Campus - undated U of M Forestry Building – U of M Campus – 1921
Wilma Theater – 131 S. Higgins Avenue - 1920 Dr. Oscar Craig (President of UofM) – SE Corner Maurice X University
Delta Delta Delta Sorority – 501 University Avenue Hollenback House – 233 University Avenue
Hoon House – 1205 Gerald Avenue Kohn House – 1231 Gerald Avenue
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity – 500 University Avenue Ross House – 905 Gerald Avenue
Sigma Nu Fraternity – 1006 Gerald Avenue Smead Bungalow – 225 University Avenue
Sterling House – 1310 Gerald Avenue

It was originally the residence of William "Billy" Russell, it was sold to SAE in 1927.

The four block walk to campus is absolutely awesome in every season of the year and The Homecoming Parade goes right by our house on University Avenue! With over 7,000sqft, 16 bedrooms, industrial kitchen amenities, large dining hall, meeting room, living rooms, TV room, laundry and 4 bathrooms, it is uniquely suited for our fraternity and to create memories of a lifetime!

Academic Excellence

The SAE House at the University of Montana maintains high standards for academic success. To remain active, new members must earn a 2.75 grade point average as a full-time student carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours at UM. If they do not achieve this requirement within their first two consecutive semesters, their membership in the organization may be rescinded. All members are required to maintain a minimum cumulative average of 2.75 at all times. Failure to meet these standards may result in academic probation, loss of voting rights before the Chapter, the opportunity to serve in leadership roles and/or their membership being rescinded.

SAE provides a supportive academic environment for freshmen and upperclassmen. Any member that falls below the 2.75 goal at any given time is required to participate in a chapter managed study hour program, Sunday through Thursday from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Anti-hazing Initiative

Sigma Alpha Epsilon has a zero tolerance policy for hazing and was the first fraternity to nationally sign the No-Hazing Charter in 2000. We are committed to creating a safe environment for all of our members. You can learn more about the Fraternity stance and policies on this subject and others by visiting www.sae.net and reading the Minerva’s Shield guidelines.